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Investment News /інформація англійською мовою/
Дата публикации: 21.07.2010

New development center

IT firm Ness Technologies will build a new development center in Kosice in connection with a US$4m (more than €3.2m) contract from the company Perform Group. For this project Ness will employ 30 IT developers and architects, or even more if necessary. Ness employs almost 400 people in the cities of Bratislava, Kosice, and Banska Bystrica.

Investment into tourism

The company Skilab plans to invest more than €5m into the development of tourism in the Spis region. The Economy Ministry (EM) informed that the firm wanted to expand its tourism center in the Slovak Paradise area. The investor plans to build new ski lines, mountain transport facilities, and new accommodation and restaurant facilities. Thanks to this investment, 45 new jobs should be created. The investor plans to implement its project in 2H of 2010 and the completion of work is planned for 2012. Skilab has already requested the EM for the provision of state investment assistance worth €2.25m.

Factory expansion

The company TRW Steering Systems Slovakia should create 106 new jobs in Nove Mesto nad Vahom. It plans to invest around €1.5m into the expansion of its current plant. The expansion of production should start this August and the project should be completed in February 2011. The firm currently employs 355 people.

Company for medical devices

US company ICU Medical will create roughly 750 jobs within five years in the town of Vrable. At its plant for €14m it will produce medical devices. Production should be launched in July. The company received state assistance worth €5.58m for its investment.

Logistic park

International operator and developer of logistics parks PointPark Properties announced the conclusion of partnership with the company INVA Group that should result in building a logistics park in the industrial and transit area in Kosice-Saca, close to the industrial park IPSA and steel mill U.S. Steel. The first hall of the new PointPark Kosice should be built already next year. Total investment after the completion of the park are estimated at €30-40m. In future the park could offer 550 jobs.

Entertainment complex

The construction of a large theme park should start next year close to the town of Bojnice. The Country of Legends park should cost €250-290m. It should be built by Slovak firm Kastor in cooperation with the towns of Prievidza and Bojnice. The expected visitor rate is 1.3- 1.5m persons a year. The new park should create 1,400 permanent and 600 seasonal jobs once open.

Koreans want to expand

South-Korean company Sungwoo Hitech plans to invest €13.9m in Zilina into the expansion of its already existing plant for the production of parts for car bodywork. The Economy Ministry informed that 110 new jobs should be created thanks to this investment. The realization of the project should start in 3Q of 2010. The company has already requested the ministry for the provision of investment assistance worth €4.7m.

Ecological energy center

Within the next 10 months an Innovative energy center for €5.2m should be built in Rimavska Sobota. Together with the existing natural gas boiler, this will supply two renewable sources of energy – from biomass and solar energy, confirmed the Stefe SK group when laying down the project’s foundation stone. The center will be situated in place of the former coal boiler, near the gas boiler belonging to the company Energobyt, which will also take heat directly from there. Energobyt is the largest heat supplier in Rimavska Sobota and is a subsidiary of Stefe SK, the project’s investor.

Investment incentives

The outgoing government of Robert Fico provided investment incentives exceeding €617m to investors during its term in office. The Economy Ministry (EM) informed that from June 1, 2006 to June 10, 2010 the government had supported a total of 85 investment projects. “The supported projects are to create 26,661 new jobs.

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